Randy has over 40 years of professional experience in the meat industry and was president of Carlton’s Food Products for sixteen of his thirty six years of employment.  An experienced hunter, Randy understands the entire hunting process from the spotting of the ‘prize possession’, to preparing the carcass and creating the final product to each customer’s personal satisfaction.  Together with his exceptional knowledge of meat and creativity of tastes, he has the magic touch in developing flavorful mouthwatering recipes for a variety of sausages, grilling appetizers, and stuffed entrees!  Randy believes in providing quality products with sensational taste at a reasonable price while demonstrating exceptional customer service.

Kay has over 25 years of sales experience and customer service skills.  She understands the importance of quality products and requests a high level of customer service.  Whether she is selling, promoting, posting silly marketing ads, or doing the day to day reconciliation of the business, you can rest assure that she continues to keep Randy ‘on his toes’ on a daily basis.